Protecting yourself and your family is a crucial part of ensuring the success of a financial plan, which considers savings, investments and asset protection. Pollock Financial Planning works with individuals to establish appropriate levels of cover to protect against the unexpected, and cover a multitude of considerations, including:

  • Cashflow impacts of injury
  • The impact of Death or Disablement of a spouse on family finances
  • Insurance premium funding options
  • Taxation implications of payouts
  • Policy ownership options
  • Alternatives to insurance cover
  • Policy benefits
  • Child cover options

The various types of cover include Death, Total and Permanent Disablement, Trauma cover and Income Protection, and individuals that are working, have debts or dependents, should review their insurance positions.

Personal preference will impact what cover you consider, as cost is always a factor, though make sure you are making an informed decision when your personal and financial future is at stake, and Pollock Financial Planning can assist you with this advice.