Whether you are selling your principal place of residence to downsize from a larger property to simplify life to reduce maintenance time and expenses, move closer to family and medical services, or downsizing your property to fund aged care costs, a review of your existing financial position should be completed, as downsizer advice may be available to you.

Downsizer advice may be considered because you have surplus funds following the sale of your principal place of residence, or the change in living circumstances requires a more comprehensive review of your overall position. How to invest these proceeds and possibly address broader matters, including existing estate tax considerations, all depends on your financial situation. Importantly, triggering the downsizer criteria creates opportunities broader than simply investing a lump sum from the property sale proceeds and a conversation should be held to ensure that these opportunities are pursued, resulting from a change in your situation.

Downsizing advice opportunities are generally triggered if you have been residing in your principal place of residence for over 10 years and eligible to receive at least a partial capital gains tax discount, as the property is sold. The resulting course of action and advice direction will be driven by your individual circumstances, and we maintain the expertise to provide comprehensive retirement and investment advice.