Perhaps you’ve paid some of your mortgage off or simply looking to put some savings away for the future. We can help with investment solutions that take into consideration the competing priorities that all clients have; lifestyle today, debt repayment and future needs/retirement. At Pollock Financial Planning we seek to find the right balance between these competing interests, to ensure that you have something to show for your hard work in the future, make investment progress and feel like you are heading in the right direction.

Whether investments are held within or outside of the superannuation environment, considerations towards long-term returns will be driven by:

  • Asset allocations drive portfolio returns
  • Investment Management expertise
  • Strategic asset allocation and portfolio construction
  • Investment fees and limiting transaction costs
  • Investment time frame.

Investor experience, knowledge and preferences will always be considered and taken into consideration given the objectives sought on each investment considered. Ongoing review will ensure that established investment strategies remain relevant and reviewed, as investment markets, government regulation and prevailing tax legislation changes.